About Brigitte Kettner

“In dermatological research, facts are what count – in cosmetics, it is visible results.” Brigitte Kettner

In professional terms I am at home in both worlds and am convinced that skin, hair and weight problems require very complex treatment.

On the basis of the results of my own research together with developments in microbiology, the fundamentals of Chinese medicine and the power of selected natural active ingredients, I try not to achieve superficial “beauty” but to free people holistically from blockages so that I can then offer them support with targeted product solutions on the way to achieving a state of inner balance and a healthy, well-maintained charisma – in short, real beauty.

This is how I developed my own method – holistically, individually and naturally effective – the Methode Brigitte Kettner. The aim is to treat and solve problems in a swift and targeted manner with innovative product lines manufactured by ourselves and using special treatment methods. The results convince cosmeticians, dermatologists and therapists throughout the world – and these results are certain to convince you as well.