Methode Brigitte Kettner (MBK) differs from conventional cosmeceutical products in that it is a holistic wellness range that has science and over 25 years of research behind it. In fact, we believe that there is nothing quite like it available on the market today.

Every person is an individual with individual needs! Our thoughts and personalities combine to make us as different from one another as our outer appearances do. Likewise, each skin is different and has it’s own individual needs. MBK product solutions and treatments work together to satisfy these individual needs. We believe beauty starts from within and our theory is scientifically proven.

MBK product solutions and treatments consist of scientifically selected phyto-cosmeceuticals and trace elements for internal use; followed by a wide range of active ingredients that can be combined specifically for each client and each particular skin problem. This allows your intensively trained and authorised Methode Brigitte Kettner skin therapist to control each treatment specifically in order to provide a targeted response to your own unique needs. All our treatments contain plant extracts, minerals, essential vitamins and trace elements.

Brigitte Kettner is a highly qualified biologist. She developed MBK after realising that beauty starts from within and that most problems with the skin have an internal cause. She worked in Europe in the 60’s and 70’s and went on to develop MBK Cosmetics in 1989. Kettner’s philosophy, products and mythology have since been successfully proven and adopted by thousands of salons globally. She says, “In dermatological research, facts are what count – in cosmetics, it is visible results. I try not to achieve superficial “beauty” but to free people holistically from blockages so that I can offer them support and targeted product solutions. This is how I developed my own method – holistically, individually and naturally effective: The Methode Brigitte Kettner.”

MBK’s philosophy and success for over the last 25 years has evolved from creating an entire body care method which focusses on understanding and then rebalancing the body both internally and externally. This is achieved by utilising specialised supplement products containing plant extracts, minerals, essential vitamins and trace elements. Combined with this is an understanding of skin science to create one of the most scientifically proven skin care ranges in the world, that delivers ultimate results for your skin.

MBK has been specifically developed by leading scientists. It contains no parabens, preservatives, or amines and minimum emulsifiers, colours and fragrances, which when added to skin care products can further compromise the skin.

A health and wellbeing consultation is conducted with clients during which they are also encouraged to listen to their own bodies. Then internal trace elements (homeopathic) and vitamins are prescribed to treat from the inside out. This is followed by a topical skin care treatment plan to follow at home. All treatments focus on natural ingredients, homeopathic knowledge, science, Chinese medicine and bacteriology. The result is beauty originating from within!