A powerful approach to ageing is to embrace the realisation that we cannot stop this inevitable process. Instead, and thanks to modern scientific research and education, we now have greater understanding of how to care for our skin and our body in order to experience optimal vitality and health. This ultimately contributes to the way our skin looks and feels.

Nevertheless, we know that we can make both external and internal adjustments to alter the affects of the ageing process. This indeed supports cell functioning and repair with improved immune response and rebuilding of the skin barrier.Supportive regenerating ingredients – outside to inside therapy Skin care products should be formulated to compliment the skin.


Skin changes are among the most visible signs of aging. Evidence of increasing age includes wrinkles and sagging skin. Whitening or graying of the hair is another obvious sign of aging.

Although skin has many layers, it can generally be divided into three main parts:

  • The outer part (epidermis) contains skin cells, pigment, and proteins.
  • The middle part (dermis) contains blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles, and oil glands. The dermis provides nutrients to the epidermis.
  • The inner layer under the dermis (the subcutaneous layer) contains sweat glands, some hair follicles, blood vessels, and fat.

Each layer also contains connective tissue with collagen fibers to give support and elastin fibers to provide flexibility and strength.

Changes in the connective tissue reduce the skin’s strength and elasticity. This is known as elastosis. It is more noticeable in sun-exposed areas (solar elastosis). Elastosis produces the leathery, weather-beaten appearance.


By understanding the nature of how skin cells communicate, has opened a door to slowing down the inevitable aging process. The lift line, includes special lipids and natural amino acids that aid to restore the structure of the dermis by stimulating the synthesis of collagen. This plumps the skins support mattress ultimately resulting in firmer, and visibly smoother skin.


  • Cleanser (According to skin type)
  • Terra Vita Deep Cleansing
  • Pre peel forte cream
  • Tonight cream
  • Drainactive eye fluid
  • Oligo element – Activating Serum
  • Matricare Cream
  • Nourishing Mask


  • Formula V plus Borage
  • Homeopathic drops: Dia V plus


This revolutionary Skin care series includes some of the most powerful active ingredients that bioscience has to offer. The Pentapeptides, Argireline and hydroxyproline complex, it penetrates different epidermal layers to boost collagen and elastin synthesis, going beyond retinol to help firm, smooth and lift the skin. These powerful actives release microtensions in the skin to smooth expression lines and visibly reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles. Resulting in a plumper more youthful skin.

  • Cleanser (According to skin type)
  • Terra Vita Deep Cleansing
  • Pre peel forte cream
  • Skin recharge concentrate (serum)
  • Eye Cream – Skin recharge concentrate (serum)
  • skin recharge complex
  • skin Recharge Mask
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