Skin is first a skin type, whereas dehydrated skin is a skin condition.  The two are often confused because skin can be dry and dehydrated at the same time, or you may have a dehydrated surface with a buildup of dead skin cells, but oily skin underneath. Let’s sort this out!

Why Your Skin Gets Dry

As odd as it sounds, dry skin isn’t about a lack of moisture. Studies comparing the water content of dry skin to normal or oily skin don’t show a significant difference between them. In fact, healthy skin is about 30% water. That’s why the skin tip of drinking a lot of water each day doesn’t reduce or improve dry skin.

The primary reason your skin becomes dry is all about impairment. The outer layers of skin lose their ability to maintain normal moisture levels. For the most part, this is due to sun damage, water exposure and, to some extent, worsened by the use of skin-care products that contain irritating or drying ingredients.

Why Your Skin Gets Dehydrated

Dehydrated skin is a temporary condition that has some overlap with dry skin. Most often brought on by a change in weather or by using a skin-care product that’s not right for your skin type of contains irritating ingredients, dehydrated skin can be a mystery. Using a product loaded with alcohol can leave skin feeling tight when it is normally on the oilier side. This is an example of “dehydrated skin”, because if you eliminate that irritating product, your skin would otherwise be hydrated.

Generally, dehydrated skin is easier to correct than dry skin. Oily, breakout-prone skin is most likely to become dehydrated from skin-care products. That’s because so many products designed for these skin types contain drying, irritating ingredients that impair skin’s barrier function, so skin loses its ability to hold on to moisture, even though it may still be oily.  This results in the “dry skin underneath, oily skin on top” feeling.  Even if you’re not using irritating products, you may be taking a too-aggressive approach with skin care in general, layering lots of active products in the hopes that if a little is good then more must be better. If your skin becomes dehydrated from this, it’s telling you to scale back—Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Does drinking water make a difference? As we mentioned earlier, at any time, your outer layers of skin are comprised of 25-30% water, and this level has little to do with how much water you’re drinking. Primarily, your skin’s health is influenced by the amount of skin-identical substances (or natural moisturizing factors, think glycerin, hyaluronic acid, lipids, etc.) it contains. Water alone cannot keep those substances from becoming depleted; in fact, too much water (again, those long soaks in the bathtub or staying in the pool too long) has the opposite effect!

If you already drink enough water, you can expect little improvement in your skin’s overall hydration.  The bottom line: drink water, your body needs it to stay alive.  Just don’t expect it to be the skin miracle the beauty magazines make it out to be.  Last, don’t forget that many healthy foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, are abundant sources of water, too.

By consistently following the steps above within your skin-care routine (plus avoiding things that we know cause or worsen dry or dehydrated skin), your skin can absolutely become smoother, softer, and healthier looking. Bonus: Ongoing use of gentle products, combined with daily sun protection, will reduce wrinkles and brown spots plus and give your skin a radiant glow. Double bonus: You’ll notice your skin heals faster and more evenly.


The aqua pure line is perfect maintenance range for clients who have no major concerns. Simply wanting to protect and hydrate the skin without damaging it with any harsh preservatives and toxic ingredients found in other skin care lines. All products contain Hyaluronic Acid, a powerful ingredient that can hold 1000 times its own weight in water, meaning it binds and holds water within the skin. Water being one of the most important factors for healthy skin cell turn over, and general health of the skin texture and tone.

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