While it’s true that men and women usually have different needs for their skin, this doesn’t mean that men should neglect theirs altogether.

The skin of a man has smaller sebaceous or oil glands. This is opposite to what most people believe to be true. Despite the fact that the skin of a man has smaller oil glands, it is generally more oily than a womens. This is due to the male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for the skin generating a higher amount of oil secretions. The female hormone estrogen results in the skin of women secreting less oil. After the age of 50, the oil secretions in the skin of men tend to slow down making men’s skin closer to women’s skin in the degree of oiliness.

Higher oil production in the skin means that the skin of a man is more susceptible to acne related problems and other blemishes. Therefore, skin care products for men need to take this into account in order to function as required.

The skin on a man’s face is more delicate than for a woman. You wouldn’t think that this is the case. However, there are some reasons why this is true:

  • men historically have taken less care of their skin
  • mens skin tends to be exposed more often to damaging environmental elements
  • daily shaving destroys the hydrolipidic film, leading to loss of natural lubrication and protection
  • daily shaving also causes scraping and nicks

All of these factors result in mens skin becoming more sensitized than womens skin and more easily irritated. As skin ages, its properties change. A mans skin gradually becomes thinner with age (about 1% per year). A womans skin is more likely to change colour and texture with age because it is more sensitive to sun damage and because of the fall-off of estrogen production after menopause. Estrogen maintains the bony framework beneath the skin, keeps it soft, resilient and healthy. Prior to menopause, women’s skin thickness remains fairly constant.

The amount of collagen in the skin decreases to a greater extent in women than in men as individuals get older. This is also a main reason why women, who have similar historical sun exposure to men, appear older than men of the same age.


It is essential to develop a routine to keep your skin as healthy as it can be. With just a few simple products and a basic skincare routine you could notice dramatic improvement in your skin.

  • Foam Cleansing Cream
  • Terra Vita Deep Cleansing
  • Aqua Pure Serum
  • Aqua Pure Cream
  • Aqua Pure Mask


  • Formula II or iV plus Borage
  • Homeopathic drops: Dia II plus